Speeding/Suspended licence

Have you got your licence suspended from any of the following reasons:
- P plate licence suspension for loss of demerit points?
- Speed camera?
- RTA suspension for speeding?
- Drag racing?
- On the spot suspension for high range drink driving or dangerous driving?

There is 28 days to appeal to the Court to overturn the suspended licence. Call our team of Sydney criminal lawyers and barristers as time is of the essence. Our aim is to provide all our clients with the highest quality legal advice and give you the personal attention that each case deserves. We will give you excellent service and informed legal advice. We will represent you and your legal rights and use our expertise to get you the best possible result at court. We pride ourselves in delivering great results.

We will show you the positives and negatives of your specific case. We aggressively fight for your innocence and legal rights making sure you are prepared every step of the way through the legal proceedings . If you rely on your driver's licence for your day-to-day living and for work, giving us a call today this may save you from losing your job.

For further information or to discuss your matter in privacy please contact our office 02 8090 7399 or urgent matters call 0410 531 789 to discuss your matter with one of our experienced criminal defence Lawyers.
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