Drink Driving Offences

- Have you been charged with Drink Driving?
- Worried about the consequences?
- How long am I going to lose my license and for how long?
- Will it be on my criminal record
- How do I challenge it?
- What are the penalties, fines, and disqualification periods?
- Can I keep my licence?

There are several different levels of criminal charges, with different possible outcomes. This can be confusing. Call our team of criminal defence solicitors so we can assist in simplifying the legal terminology and break down your case step-by-step in plain English.

Let our Sydney criminal law specialists prepare your case in detail, showing you the positives and negatives of your specific case and then weighing up the options to plea guilty or not guilty. We aggressively fight for your innocence and legal rights making sure you are prepared every step of the way.

We will explain to you the following and how it affects you:
- Categories of drink driving (DUI) or under the influence
- Not having the charge or conviction recorded on your criminal history
- How your low, mid, high prescribe alcohol range (PCA) effects your case
- Habitual traffic offender declarations
- How to prepare a plea in court
- Court processes
- Mitigating circumstances
- Your driving record
- Need for a licence
- Character references
- Circumstances of the incident and
- Traffic offenders program and interlock program

For further information or to discuss your matter in privacy please contact our office 02 8090 7399 or urgent matters call us on 0410 531 789 to discuss your matter with one of our experienced criminal defence Solicitors.
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