Assault Charges and Apprehended Violence Order

Been charged with assault , domestic violence?
Police served you with an AVO?
How do I apply to get an AVO?
How do I challenge an AVO?

AVO defences are conducted on the balance of probalities, there is always more than one side to every story. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE. Before you call our team of criminal law lawyers and barristers, let us listen to your side of the story and. prepare your case in detail, showing you the positives and negatives of your specific case and challenging the police and victim in detail on their observations on the charges. The police need to prove that your guilty not for you to prove your innocent. YOU HAVE RIGHT TO SILENCE. Whether it be to speak to your witnesses to prove your side of the story or investigating the matter further to uncover the motive behind the charges.

We will explain to you the following and how it effects you:
- Available defences to assault, avo
- Preparation for contested hearing
- Outcomes of charge
- Likely sentences
- Court processes
- Mitigating circumstances
- Good character
- Circumstances of the incident
- Motive of the victim to proceed
- Contacting the complainants in the proceedings
- Asking for costs and expenses once you win the matter

We aggressively fight for your innocence and legal rights making sure you are prepared every step of the way through the legal proceedings. We will represent you and your legal rights and use our expertise to get you the best possible result at court. We pride ourselves in deliverying great results.

For further information or to discuss your matter in privacy please contact our office 02 8090 7399 or urgent matters call 0410 531 789 to discuss your matter with one of our experienced criminal defence lawyers.
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